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EPIC the Intrax purpose build off-road schockabsorber

After many requests and the success made in the off-road scene in Dubai, Intrax decided some time ago to develop a complete new shock. This shock would be specially designed for off-road use.

With the information gathered through the years in the off-road, the engineers started from scratch to design a shock which should be able to cope easily with the extreme forces of off-road use.

This resulted in a shock absorber with some epic numbers concerning diameters etc. This made it easy for us to decide what the name of our off-road series should be, EPIC.

  • Piston diameter 52mm
  • Tube diameter 60mm
  • Piston rod in different sizes up to 22mm
  • Reservoir diameter 78mm
  • Heavy duty thermostat
  • Lightweight materials wherever possible
  • Materials with high heat transfer
  • Large volumes for extra cooling
  • Large volumes to cope easy with the heavy forces