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Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end suspension technology with over 30 years intense experience at the highest levels of racing/rallying. Intrax designs and produces shock absorbers, springs and suspension technology for Formula 1 cars, street cars and everything in between. All Intrax shocks are custom build with a personal setting specially calculated for your car and your requirements.  

Intrax is situated in the South of Holland (Volkel) at one hour drive from Amsterdam and the airport Schiphol. Intrax is founded in 1994 by Henk Thuis, the same man who founded and raised the legendary White Power Suspensions. Under the umbrella of Henk, other suspension companies like Technoflex, Hyperpro, Ohlins Holland and Wilbers Suspension have been started. 

Throughout the years, several World Championships have been obtained with the suspension designed by Henk Thuis in the motorcross, motorbike roadracing, enduro, mountainbiking and several Formula classes like the F3000 and Formula 1. Henk himself is also active as a driver. He is the current champion in the “Dutch Supercar Challenge” 

At the end of the White Power Suspensions period, the interest and love of Henk for car suspensions grew. His involvement at the F1 world championships of Benetton and Michael Schumacher, combined with the car racing Henk was doing himself, made Henk decide to start a new company that was dedicated to car suspension technology. The birth of Intrax was a fact.

After 15 years of intensive developments Intrax has developed a wide product range of high-quality lowering springs, shock absorbers, height adjustable coilover kits, adjustable shock absorbers and complete suspension packages. We also mount our own suspensions in our workshop. For competition usage we can align and set the correct corner weight. A special department within Intrax prepares, modifies and builds complete streetcars, trackday cars, race and rally cars for each budget and at all levels. Intrax coordinates, runs and supports several car race classes.

You are cordially invited to visit Intrax with your car. You can make a short test drive together with one of our experts. This test drive together with your preferences will enable us to advice the right suspension for you. The uniqueness of Intrax is that we can build a tailor-made package. We guarantee that you are satisfied with our suspension. Our products are always upgradable and rebuildable. Therefore an investment in Intrax suspension components is always the right decision.

Lowering springs
For hundreds of different types of cars we deliver springs from stock. By using these springs the handling and the looks of the car of the car improves. On average a car is lowered 30 to 40mm on the front- and rear side. This lowering is optimized per car type and engine fitted. For popular cars we have different sets in the program, for example to give a 40/40, 40/60 (to create a wedge shape silhouette) or 60/60 mm lowering. Upon request, we can press the springs to every height. Intrax can also develop tailor made springs in all sizes, shapes, stiffness, colors and prints: either under the Intrax label, as a one-off, or for your private label.

                                                                                                    RS shock Absorber
Dependent on the application these are height adjustable coilover kits / separate shocks. They are the next step in improving the handling. The RS damper is a high-quality damper build from the same parts as our racing damper. This damper is based upon the same technology that helped Schumacher to his world championship.

The RS damper has a build-in hydraulic bump-stop. When hitting a big bump (like a speed bump) the damping is tripled to prevent the car’s body from hitting the tarmac. This enables you to drive the car on the street in a very “low” ride height without any clearance problems.

RSA shock absorber
The RSA is an RS with externally adjustable damping. The internals are more complex to give an even better damping characteristic. Different from our competitors, Intrax chooses for one single adjuster knob for both the compression and rebound adjustment. With this single knob the total damping can be adjusted over a wide range of 40 clicks from “comfortable” to “sportive/hard”. By using one knob the relationship between compression and rebound always stays correct. Also different from most of our competition, our adjuster changed not only the rebound but also the even more important low-speed and high-speed compression damping. The RSA has an internal thermostat that keeps the damping constant, avoiding the harsh ride in the cold morning, and the loss of damping in the heat of the battle. A special version of the RSA is the RSA-HDA, which features a piggyback remote reservoir. This reservoir improves the comfort and damping over big bumps, like potholes and curbstones. The RSA-HDA is manufactured in stainless steel.  

1K2 shock absorber
The 1K2 is a real “high-end” shock absorber for demanding street- and competition use. The 1K2 is build using the finest materials. The housing is made from 7075 aluminum. This guarantees low weight, maximum strength and optimum cooling. The 1K2 damper is always chosen in the largest size possible for the most accurate damping control: normally a 46mm body with a 40mm piston and a 16mm piston rod. Mc. Pherson struts are normally converted from the standard 22mm piston rod to an upside-down system with a 40 or 45mm guidance tube for maximum stiffness and wheel guidance. This is especially important when the G-forces are higher than obtainable with the standard vehicle.
The 1K2 can optionally be equipped with the “Black Titan” coating on the guidance- and piston rod. This is a coating that cannot rust and is extreme hard and smooth. The friction is lowered with these piston rods, improving comfort, reducing oil temperatures, improving traction and extending life time under the severest conditions. The “Black Titan” is a luxury which - if you can afford it – is certainly recommended.
When there is sufficient room available, the 1K2 can be equipped with a “spring rate adjuster” which makes it possible to change the spring constant without removal of the struts/springs. See for more info the category products > spring rate adjuster.

4-WAY shock absorber
The 4-way is our top product. The low-speed compression, high-speed compression and rebound damping is separately adjustable. The low-speed compression damping controls the front-rear and left-right movements of the car (“pitch” and “roll”). The high-speed compression controls the movement of the wheels over sharp bumps, like marbles and curb stones. The rebound damping controls the body movements and absorbs unwanted energies, which otherwise would unsettle the car.
The 4-way can be equipped with spring rate adjusters and the “Black Titan” coating. In special applications we can fit the “XL” version, upgrading the diameter from 45 to a whopping 50 or even 52mm.

We take suspension serious. Therefore we offer for most applications different settings on the spring rates, shim stacks and damping pistons:
* Fast street / occasional trackday.
An upgrade to the sportive side from the OEM equipment. Daily comfort, vibration and noise levels are just as important as handling. 
* Trackday / bumpy race circuit / Nordschleife.
A suspension to race on both smooth and bumpy circuits. It is possible to ride to- and from the circuits. Ride height is enough to drive on public roads. Laptimes and handling are more important than comfort levels.
* Full-race / rally. Stiff suspension, designed to work with slicks and rollcage fitted. Not useable on the street. Lap time optimized. 

Being a small and effective factory with a large network build up in the 35 years we are in business, Intrax is in the unique position to develop and manufacture “one-off” and “private label” solutions for suspensions. Over the past years helicopters, ice-cream trucks, classic racecars, motorbikes, mountain bikes and even horse carriages have left our factory riding on our suspensions.

Some (race) cars that are equipped with Intrax shock absorbers:
- ALfa Romeo 75 Imsa
- Aquilla 
- Citroën DS-5
- Ferrari 458 GT3
- Land Rover Defender
- Mercedes G AMG
- Oreca silhoutte
- Porsche 997 RSR
- Radical RXC
- Viper GT3-R


Winning Examples
Intrax owns the absolute lap record for street legal cars at the well known “Nordschleife” of the Nürburgring. In 2009 a “Radical SR8LM” equipped with Intrax 4-WAY dampers lapped in 6m48s. This makes the Radical’s more than 23 seconds faster than the first competitor. See the link below and several youtube movies.