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HDA shock absorber
The HDA is basically an RS with externally adjustable damping. And the internals are more complex then with the RS shock to give an even better damping characteristic. Different from our competitors, Intrax chooses for one single adjuster knob for both the compression and rebound adjustment. With this single knob the total damping can be adjusted over a wide range of 40 clicks from “comfortable” to “sportive/hard”. By using one knob the relationship between compression and rebound always stays correct. Also different from most of our competition, our adjuster changed not only the rebound but also the even more important low-speed and high-speed compression damping. The HDA has an internal thermostat that keeps the damping constant, avoiding the harsh ride in the cold morning, and the loss of damping in the heat of the battle.


We take suspension serious. Therefore we offer for most applications different settings on the spring rates, shim stacks and damping pistons:
* Fast street / occasional trackday. An upgrade to the sportive side from the OEM equipment. Daily comfort, vibration and noise levels are just as important as handling

Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end suspension technology
with over 30 years experience at the highest levels in racing.  Intrax designs and produces shock absorbers, springs and suspension packages for Formula 1 cars, road cars and everything in between. In addition to an elaborate street- and competition program, Intrax also delivers “custom-made solutions”. Please inform at us what we can mean for you.