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“INTRAX Custom Made”, or … Shocks should be made.

“INTRAX Custom Made”, or … Shocks should be made.

If there’s one Company for “Custom made” Suspension than you just found it.

All ingredients for custom made suspension are available at INTRAX;
-    Modular build Shocks
-    In house design and engineering of Dampers and Springs
-    In house manufacturing
-    Extensive Know How in house
-    Highly qualified mechanics
-    Test facilities in house
-    Digital Lathe and Milling equipment
-    Tig- and Mig- Welding department

INTRAX feels at home in the entire suspension spectrum.
At INTRAX we have a solution for almost any vehicle with shocks. 

We make shocks for;
Race- Road- Rally- Cross- Cars.
Also for –Motorcycles –Quads – Side Cars and even –Trucks.
Believe it or not but we even make Shocks for Helicopters and Horse Coaches.

The Lay Out of all shocks is determined at the moment of order.
In that way INTRAX can always guarantee the latest state of technology.

That means that all INTRAX shocks are custom made and not pre-produced.
All variables and customer’s wishes are taken care of at the moment of order.
Will the Shocks mainly be used on the Road? Will a casual Track day be part of the plan? Or will it be the other way round meaning only Track days with a comfy ride to and from the circuit?

Another issue of importance is the lowering of the car. In case of extreme lowering we can decide to shorten the body and/or stroke or we adapt the Damping and/or Springs.
We also take a look at the level of modification of the car. Like wider and/or bigger wheels.
Wishes for “Extreme Comfort” or Stiffness can and will also be honoured. 

Our adjustable Suspension like “RSA” and “HDA” can be set up in such a way that both; A comfy “boulevard-cruise” can be combined with a “Record-breaking-lap”.
A comfy ride to the shopping mall is also part of the package.
All that with one Adjustment Range in one set of INTRAX Suspension.

“Your wish is our command”. Literally everything can be made to “fit” your needs. 
Damping / Springs / Length / Stroke / Lay out / Colour…..anything.
In case you might have even more/other demands, we like to hear them at INTRAX.

If anybody can make it, it’s INTRAX.

And all that without additional  costs.          That’s INTRAX!